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Personal Success Coaching
Great achievers share something in common and that's a coach or mentor. Even basketball superstar Michael Jordan, had Coach Phil Jackson! Together, they won six NBA championships. Now, you too, can take your business and new championship levels...with Jeff as your personal success coach.

"Jeff Blackman has the unique ability to strategize and create dramatic and immediate results for a corporate giant or a small business. I know firsthand. Within two weeks of learning and applying his strategies, I made an additional $20,000!"

Michael Blitstein, CPA and Investment Advisor
Coleman, Joseph, Blitstein & Stuart

Are you ready:

To get the results you want?
To grow your business?
To accelerate your career?
To improve your life?

If your answer is a resounding "Yes!"...

Then Jeff Blackman is ready to:

  • deliver proven strategies for life-long opportunities of growth and prosperity
  • motivate you to meet and exceed your goals
  • turn your new knowledge and skills...into power and profit
  • customize your gameplan for success
  • energize you to discover...passion, purpose and fun
  • show you how to hurdle your belief barriers
  • create an atmosphere for meaningful action...resulting in a lifetime of significant achievement

Winners possess a common quality, and that is focus. The mindset to know what they desire and the fire in their belly, to turn fantasy into fact and dreams into reality. However, they don't "go it" alone! Great achievers share something in common and that's a coach or a mentor.

Even basketball superstar Michael Jordan, had Coach Phil Jackson! Together, they won six NBA championships. Now, you too, can take your business and new championship levels!

The "personal success-coach" process takes commitment and discipline. Since Jeff will politely push and challenge you to go beyond your "comfort zone." After all, that's where the real breakthroughs and "ah-has" happen!

Are you eligible?

To qualify, there are requirements:

  1. You have big plans. Big goals. Big dreams. And, a big ego! Yep, that's right, a big ego. If you don't believe in your future, who will? However, you also need to "check your ego at the door." Meaning, you are open to the world of infinite possibilities...even if it requires candid dialogue, intense analysis and brutal honesty.

  2. You are driven by altruism, not greed. Meaning, when you deliver greater value, you reap greater rewards. Yes, you need a burning desire to succeed, yet you also want to see others grow and prosper. Like your family, your employees, your community, etc.

  3. You have the discipline to grow your business and to improve your life. This is an evolutionary process. It happens over time, not overnight.

    It takes guts.

    It takes persistence.

    It takes passion.

    It takes action.

    There will be deadlines to honor and assignments to complete. Each will have a specific generate a result.

    Jeff will never give you "busy work." You both are too busy for that!

  4. You have the ability to make a significant financial investment. We don't want to "burden" or "strap" you. That's why it's much easier to work with folks like you, who are already successful and want to become even more successful.

  5. You can commit to an intense, yet always friendly and fun...strategic relationship.

So how does the "personal success coach" process begin?

It starts with an extensive pre-coaching questionnaire.

The purpose of this confidential questionnaire is twofold:

First:     It will provide Jeff with the most comprehensive understanding possible of you and your business. Who you are. What your business is all about. How you think. How you operate. Sell. Serve. Promote. Market. And, run your business. What drives you. What excites you.

Second:     It will provide you with illuminating, revealing and perhaps even startling insights into you and your business. It will get you mentally prepared, "geared up" or as many have said...even "psyched up" for your on-going relationship with Jeff.

Based upon your responses, Jeff will custom-design your gameplan for success...for:

Strategy A: an initial three month coaching relationship...or

Strategy B: an initial six-month coaching relationship.

During this relationship, you and Jeff will "meet" weekly by telephone at a pre-determined time, for typically 45 to 60 minutes. (The focus is never on time though, instead, it's on results. Meaning, that your success sessions won't abruptly end at the 60th minute, if there are additional ideas, issues or topics you'd like to discuss.)

Because of the intense and personal nature of the "success coach" relationship...Jeff only works with selected individuals or couples on an on-going basis.

To learn more about how Jeff can help you create meaning and momentum...toward your goals and dreams, contact Sheryl Kantor:

Phone: 847.998.0688
Fax: 847.998.0675

A world of infinite possibilities and even greater achievement awaits you.

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Personal Success Coaching
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